COM 309: Introduction to Digital Media Kit Assignment

As an aspiring communications professional I constantly find myself seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and practice my passion for sharing messages – the basic principle of public relations. This past semester I enrolled in COM 309: Principles of Public Relations, a course focused on introducing students to the various outlets and facets of public relations and communications at Missouri State University.

Our professor, Ms. Jerri Lynn Kyle, challenged our thought proccommunicationess and required us to “dig a little deeper” into the content we were exploring in the classroom. She challenged us with the semester-long task of creating a product launch for our company we established. Based on my love for Kansas City and nature, I decided to establish Kansas City’s newest company, NatureNite, which is a company committed to selling quality camping tents. NatureNite has nearly become a reality this semester as I have searched for ways to market and promote the realistic company.

Throughout the semester we were tasked with doing market research on our product, creating a logo for our company, writing a variety of press releases and radio public service announcements, and lastly, bringing it all together in our Introduction to Digital Media Kit Assignment which you will find below.

Over this last semester I have learned many valuable things that I know will impact me as I move into the vast world of communication. Through my weekly tweets, blog posts, and this final assignment, I hope you will take some time to invest in me as your next communication professional.

I encourage you to peruse the content that I hav
e created and give me feedback that you find valuable or useful. Then again, this is an introductory assignment that will help me to better the content I create in the future.

Here is my Introduction to Digital Media Kit Assignment: NatureNite Digital Media Kit

-Blake Shepheard





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