The Value of Freelance Communication

Over the past several yearfsZzxpDO_400x400.jpgs I have found myself seeking things that inspire me. The list continues to grow as I stumble upon new passions and meet people with incredible ambition. A few weeks ago I met Jamie Johansen, a freelance public relations professional. Although this was my first exposure to “freelancing”, I suddenly realized that the concept of freelance writing inspires me.

Those that enjoy writing about a variety of topics often times find themselves writing for numerous companies. By doing this, you are allowing yourself to have more freedom and individual oversight. You can produce your own content and “sell” it to other companies. At this point you are basically contracting yourself to companies for different projects or insights – a much different approach than firm or corporate public relations and (9).jpg

Those who practice freelance communication require a unique set of traits. First, these professionals have to be ambitious. They have to be willing to work hard and stay focused. Finding work can sometimes be challenging, so determination is important as well. Being creative helps these professionals expand their horizon and produce more content. Many freelance public relations professionals work for PR Wire or P
R News – sites that produce content for other news mediums via freelance writers.

In learning more about freelancing, I stumbled across Erik Valind’s Twitter profile. Erik is a communication freelancer, photographer, author, and beach-goer. Practicing frJO0tkkVY_400x400.jpegreelance communication allows him to travel more, meet people from across the world, and get paid to do it. It sounds like a pretty good gig to me!

Jamie wrapped up her presentation to our class with a suggestion for all communication students. When seeking opportunities in life, “Never say no. Say yes and figure it out.” This communication strategy is sure to lead to success as many freelance communications find beneficial

What value do you think freelance communication holds, if any? Will it become the traditional way to produce content and stories?

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