So you work at a PR firm?

I recently had the honor of listening to Sara McClendon talk about her experience working as a Public Relations Manager at Osborn Barr (O+B). Osborn Barr is a Public Relations firm located in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri. She presented a lot of very interesting insight on her experiences and it challenged my way of looking at life in a firm as a young PR professional.

Movies, documentaries, and textbooks often times portray working in a firm in many different ways. Some highlight the “suit and tie” fashion whereas others focus more on the late nights and terribly busy scheduling. Nearly all of them show that the PR firm is a hectic environment that most get anxiety from working in. However, most people (myself included) don’t actually understand what life in a PR firm is like. To clarify, every firm is a bit different, but I wanted to share some thoughts on working in a firm.

The firm life is fast paced and ever changing. New clients, new proposals, and new projects are constantly being brought to you and you are expected to produce exceptional work. The work is constantly changing and there is a variety in the work that you are able to do. The firm is able to work with a diverse group of clients and working in a firm allows you to network and meet exceptional individuals in your field.

Lastly, the firm life provides a lot of opportunities. This opportunity is in part for the professional but also for the clients. Think about it – the clients that aren’t able to hire and retain incredibly artistic people with a drive to promote a product are able to contract with a firm. The clients that aren’t able to hire a marketing or advertising employee are able to get great ideas from firms. Nonprofits, companies, and organizations with incredibly powerful messages are able to be expressed to the world through PR firms. Many times people think that those working in firms are only able to help Fortune 500 companies and those companies that have proven success.

Firms are able to help everyone find their most effective tactics for advertising, marketing, and public relations. Firms are able to help spread powerful messages to a variety of audiences and firms are able to help shape the way the world views the world.

Do you think the need for PR firms is going to increase or decrease in the future? Are they successful? Do they save companies time, energy, and money?

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3 thoughts on “So you work at a PR firm?

  1. Personally, I think firms are going to increase. The economy is fairly stabilized right now, and we are seeing growth in areas that have not been visible in quite some time. We also have new markets opening with not so much the products we have, but how we are providing products and services. It’s an exciting time for PR!


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