Maximizing Your Monday: Making Monday Great Again

It seems as though it is a constant struggle to get out of bed and make the most of a Monday. For a lot of people, they are either still in bed dreaming about how great their weekend was or they want to stay in bed in fear of waking up and facing their hectic week. For the past several years in college, I have found myself somewhere in the middle. Until recently, when I decided to change the pace of Monday morning – I decided to make Monday mornings great again.

I quickly learned that I was missing out on so much! I was becoming less productive throughout the entire week, my mindset was a bit more negative, and it served as an excuse to sleep in the rest of the week. I found that waking up early on Monday set the example for rising earlier the rest of the week and led into an even more productive weekend.

1. Mondays are important

As much as we dread Mondays, they are incredibly important. Monday mornings are the start of most work weeks and the first day of classes. You typically receive an overview of the week and missing out on Monday could mean missing out on important details to come in the week. Mondays serve as a benchmark for some works and classes and you set the expectations for the week in those first few minutes early Monday morning.

2. Mondays are productive

Waking up early on a Monday can allow you to maximize your efficiency. You will find that there are things to do that you didn’t even know existed! From getting that fresh brewed coffee to running that quick errand you forgot over the weekend, simply waking up early can maximize your success each Monday.

3. Mondays make you healthy

Getting off to a great start on Mondays is hard enough and now you are asking me to make healthy choices? Yes. Making a healthy breakfast, going for a morning walk/run can reduce your stress so much. Simply by waking up earlier, getting active, and eating a healthy meal, you will feel better by the time you roll into work or enter the classroom.

4. Mondays get you organized

Make a Monday list. Write down everything you need to do throughout the entire week and then make a list of things that you need to get done each day. Be sure you give yourself tangible tasks for Monday so that you can ensure you get them done. If you fail to plan you can plan to fail. Having a list that you can physically mark off tasks will allow you to feel successful and accomplished. Starting these tasks on Monday will allow you to get ahead and reduce your stress later in the week.

5. Mondays set the pace

Mondays start off your week and indicate how the rest of the week might go. If you wake up early and get a lot done, you are more likely to wake up early each day to come. If you convince yourself to stay in bed a bit longer, that mindset will haunt you most of the week. Motivating yourself to let a successful Monday serve as an example for you week will turn your entire week around!

For most people, Mondays are the epitome of the week. They are tired, grumpy, and unproductive and that sets a precedent for the mornings to come. I hope these few tips and tricks can help you to maximize your Mondays and make it great again.

What other tips do you have to maximize your Monday?




One thought on “Maximizing Your Monday: Making Monday Great Again

  1. This is great Blake! I agree, Mondays hold a lot of power for us as individuals. There are two things I do that make a difference for me. First, my Monday begins with a quiet Sunday evening. We don’t plan things as a family so that we can have “down time”. It used to be a family/relaxation movie night, but my kids now have activities on Sunday nights. My husband and I still hold to our “down time”. Having a quiet Sunday evening helps me get up and get moving Monday, so that I can go into work early. That sets my pace. Another thing I do each day is to start with a quick write in my journal. Each and every day I try to make a list of what I am thankful for, that are specific for that day. Clean water, food to eat, a job to go to, a car full of gas, etc. give you an idea of what I write. Then as I am driving to work, rather than think of everything I have to do and stress over it, I mentally go over the list I made at 5:00 a.m.


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