Who Am I & Why Should You Care?

My name is Blake and I am a junior at Missouri State University studying Public Relations with a minor in Criminology. This blog serves two purposes. The primary purpose of this blog is for me to share some interesting, and sometimes controversial, thoughts about a variety of topics. The second purpose is for me to reflect and respond upon topics that are generated in my Principals of Public Relations course, COM 309.

In writing this blog, I hope to gain new perspectives, challenge others and share some personal thoughts on a variety of things. There is a good possibility that I will post about nature because the great outdoors is my home away from home. I enjoy discovering new trails, reading about techniques and strategies for camping and seeing photos and posts about other’s camping experiences. I am also really engaged in the fraternity world and hope that you can find some time to read my posts about being a fraternity man.

I hope that you decide to check back frequently to follow along with what I am learning and sharing. One of the most important things about learning is that you are never done! I predict that my posts will encourage you, inspire you and allow you to ponder on some thoughts that you might not have before. In the end, I hope to publish my mind to inspire others. I look forward to you coming alongside me on this new adventure. I also encourage you to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

What value do you find in blogging, if any?


One thought on “Who Am I & Why Should You Care?

  1. I think blogging is a particularly good tool for students planning to enter any field that requires strong communication, especially writing, skills. It is also an opportunity for people who like to write to pursue it as a hobby. So, between career bloggers and hobbyists, we all have great opportunities to learn!


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